Red Deer Pest Control Services

Here at Red Deer Pest Control Services are proud of putting our focus on removing the critters in a timely and professional manner. Our professional approach promotes the capture and release principle, passive deterrence, and environmental modifications.

Our goal is to be the most customer orientated pest control provider in Red Deer. Our efforts and energy is not only limited to providing secure, cost-effective and result driven services, but to set the grounds for a long-lasting relationship with our clients educating everybody as we go.

Having dealt with a wide variety of challenges, the level of training required by our team is extremely high. All our service technicians are licensed applicators, have their exterior rodent control license, fall protection, ladder safety, respirator protection, first aid and have a commitment to ongoing training. With such a dedicated and experienced pest control service team we are proud to service the communities we live in.


Insect Removal

From spiders and bed bugs to stinging insects we can help you remove those unwanted pests


Rodent Removal

Whether you have a pest in the attic, basement or elsewhere, we can help you with your rodent issue.

Striped Skunk - Mephitis mephitis in front of a white background

Wildlife Removal

Sometimes there can be wildlife that just won't leave. We can help you with skunks, porcupines, annoying birds, raccoons and more.

Residential Pest Control Services

The highly trained pest control technicians who are part of Red Deer Pest Control Services possess the necessary skills and expertise to get rid of the toughest and most persistent pest control issues. Pest removal issues include mice, skunks, gophers, pocket gophers, ants, spiders, beetles, door yard insects, wasps, pigeons, bees, bed bugs, cockroaches, silverfish and more…

Commercial Pest Control Services

Red Deer Pest Control Services comes equipped with fully fledged strategy and technology which is specifically designed to protect your health and property. It is a meticulously planned process, managed and operated by knowledgeable, licensed pest control technicians, whose main commitment is to provide the highest standard of service.

Wildlife Removal Service

At Red Deer Pest Control Services, we offer a variety of bird and wildlife removal services – completed timely and professional manner promoting values and professionalism that will not go unnoticed.

Why Choose Us

When you choose Tackle Pest Control you can rest assured that we have the training to remove those pests properly and in a timely fashion. Especially with wildlife removal, our goal is to capture and release. We also use deterrence and modification to the surrounding environmental area to help deter pests from coming back.

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